White Pine Wellness


“Yasmine is an outstanding massage therapist.  I have had the pleasure of seeing dozens of therapists over my many years of enjoying massage – and only about a half dozen professionals stand out.  Yasmine is definitely one of them!  She has the touch and the knowledge of the body, as well as the ability to customize her work toward addressing issues in a focused way.  Her approach is strong but relaxing, and her intellect, good energy and thoughtfulness make a significant difference in helping to round out the total experience.  I enjoy the body work immensely and always look forward to my next session!” ~Michael

“I have been privileged to receive Yasmine’s massages for over a year.  She is a gifted therapist.  Yasmine is respectful and professional, serene and gentle (and strong when needed).  She is intuitive, warm and kind.  Following her massage treatments I feel calm, centered, more comfortable and relaxed.  There is a lessening of pain and stress.  Anyone would be fortunate to receive a massage with Yasmine.” ~Beth

"I have historically been someone who didn't like massage because I felt self conscious. I was feeling stiff after a long run and scheduled with Yasmine. She is amazing, she makes you feel comfortable. The environment is welcoming and neat. But the real value is her skill as a massage therapist. She has an amazing talent and takes massage to the level of art. She works through the places on your body that are in distress, is very aware of you, how you are responding and what is working. She takes her time and has made me a believer, as well as a regular customer.

I recommend everyone make massage a regular part of their Heath and physical routine, and there is no one better than Yasmine." ~John

“White Pine Wellness is a haven, and Yasmine’s therapeutic gifts are truly amazing.” ~Elissa

“The power of touch is one of the most powerful experiences we can have in this life.  The beauty Yasmine brings to your body through her magical hands sends you into a heavenly place where only bliss resides.  Her knowledge of the body and her connection to spirit allow for such a unique and intimate experience that goes beyond the physical body.  It’s truly a blessing to be in the presence of such a goddess whose intellect, passion, beauty, and intuition guide your exquisite journey.” ~Lauren

"Yasmine is amazing! I had back problems for months, and my previous massage therapist said there was no problem. Yasmine immediately knew what muscles were off and corrected my back problem in one session. Even though it was a "deep tissue massage," I was very relaxed and felt no pain.  On top of being awesome at what she does, she's very caring and attentive. She made sure that she was clear on what I wanted and that I was comfortable.  Definitely my favorite massage therapist in Saratoga - highly recommend!" ~Laura